RCHS 2020-2021 Election Candidate Profile: Sophomore Class President


Dylan K. Little, Editor-In-Chief

1. What is your name, grade and position you are currently running for?

My name is Nyla Taylor, I am currently a Freshman, and I am running for Sophomore Class President.

2. Why are you running for office?

I am running for Sophomore Class President because when I see the current presidents work I can see myself in that position with those responsibilities. I want to be a leader on all levels and help to guide all of my peers through their high school journey. I want to portray the best version of Black Girl Magic and be an amazing President, while opening doors for people just like me and extremely different from me. I want to run for Sophomore Class President because as a Black Girl I understand the struggle and I want to be a beacon for any and everyone who has struggled.

3. What do you think is the most pressing issue(s) for our campus

First and foremost I want to say that our campus is amazing, which is another factor that gravitated me towards running for Sophomore President. But because our campus is full of so much joy and good energy, one issue is that other students may think everyone feels good and have amazing lives, but that isn’t always true. I want my fellow students to know that, they don’t always have to wear that mask, everyone gets sad and has their days.

4. What is your plan to address these issues?

To address this issue on our campus, I would speak out more about these issues, especially during spirit week when a great amount of the school is tuned in. I would also address these issues through social media where many of us are connected. Lastly I would make myself available as someone that anyone can trust, talk to, and confine in.

5. Name two people that you most admire and why?

The first person that I admire is my mother, because she has gone through so much in her life and continues to be me and my brothers protector, provider, biggest supporter, loves us unconditionally, and so much more.

6. Please list your: favorite musician, favorite video game or sport, favorite movie or television show or favorite movie and your favorite social media personality.

Favorite Musician: J.Cole
Favorite Video Game or Sport: don’t have one
Favorite Movie or TV show: Princess and the Frog, Love and Basketball
Favorite Social Media Personality: B. Simone