RCHS 2020-2021 Election Candidate Profile: Junior Class President


Dylan K. Little, Editor-In-Chief

1. What is your name, grade and position you are currently running for?

Nathan Nkemere, Sophomore, Junior Class President Candidate.

2. Why are you running for office?

Being a heavily involved figure, I am very capable of highlighting the different sections from across campus, ensuring to give them a voice in the changes they want to see at school.

3. What do you think is the most pressing issue(s) for our campus?

Some of the more pressing issues on campus is the lack of acceptance for individuality and diversity among the students of the campus.

4. What is your plan to address these issues?

I plan to tackle these issues head on by promoting originality and creating an environment on campus where students feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

5. Name two people that you most admire and why?

Two people that i heavily admire would have to be Obama because of the unprecedented achievements he accomplished coming into office and showing that you are capable of doing anything with enough drive within yourself. ETTHEHIPHOPPREACHER because his motivational approach on life gives me the drive to work harder for my goals harder. One of the main points that ETTHEHIPHOPPREACHER talks about the only person that needs to believe in your dreams is you along with dedication and drive.

6. Please list your: favorite musician, favorite video game or sport, favorite movie or television show or favorite movie and your favorite social media personality.

Favorite Sport- Football

Favorite Musician- Jay Z

Favorite Social Media Personality- Worldstar