RCHS 2020-2021 Election Candidate Profile: Junior Class Secretary And Treasurer

RCHS 2020-2021 Election Candidate Profile: Junior Class Secretary And Treasurer

Dylan K. Little, Editor-In-Chief

1. What is your name, grade and position you are currently running for?  My name is Raven Roach, I’m a sophomore and I’m running for Junior Secretary/Treasurer.

2. Why are you running for office?
I’m running for this position because I want to make sure that next year goes as best that it can for our class. I think that with my leadership experience and broad skill set I would be perfect for this position. Secretary Treasurer handles lots of things such as managing events and making sure they’re high quality, and I believe that I have the skills to do the job at the highest level it could executed at. I also think I’m very qualified for this position because of my past leadership experience, at every school I’ve attended since Doña Merced Elementary School, I’ve been in their leadership program. At Ruth Musser, I was the President of Leadership during the 2017-18 school year. I also have interned at the Theatre in Victoria Gardens and attended many leadership conferences and workshops. At Rancho, I’ve been an ASB Senator for 2 years now. Being so involved on campus these past 2 years I’ve been at Rancho, I’ve gotten to understand the community and work with many different groups on campus from bulletin to band. I think that since this position handles events that are for everyone, having someone who has met and communicated with students that are from many different walks of life and backgrounds is important and I have been blessed with the opportunity to do just that these past few years.

3. What do you think is the most pressing issue(s) for our campus?
I think that inclusivity is something that Rancho is very good at on a broad scale, but I would love to make sure that we reach everyone on campus. Making sure that all of our students are enjoying their time with us on campus is very important. I think that sometimes some students are left behind or maybe those “in the background students” that are never seen sometimes could not feel included, so making sure that everyone feels loved and accepted here is something that I really hold close to my heart and want to work on.

4. What is your plan to address these issues?
My plan to address this is to work with my other leaders in ASB and think of ways that we can spread the love to all corners of our school. No one deserves to be forgotten so thinking of ways to include everyone in all our events is something that I find very important and I can promise that I will be brainstorming and posing ideas constantly throughout the year to make sure that we can grow our impact on our students.

5. Name two people that you most admire and why?
One person I admire is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is not only a face in the media and very successful business woman, but is constantly giving back to her community and advocating for women’s leadership and development of education in places where those things are not so common. She’s faced many tough situations in life such as growing up with financial hardships and abuse, and being looked down upon and rejected from many things in many fields of business because of the color of her skin. She set a new standard and pushed the limits and she’s an unbelievably talented woman.  I also admire my mother. My mom is such a hard working woman who’s always trying to make sure that me and my sister are always able to participate in things even when money is tight. Being a widowed single mom who works full time, with two daughters who are involved in tons of activities and always need to be dropped off at shows or need money for school lunches and dance tickets and things, she always finds a way to make it work. She always makes it look so easy. She’s not only a businesswoman but she also has a degree in performing arts and is the reason I perform and want to become a great leader.

6. Please list your: favorite musician, favorite video game or sport, favorite movie or television show or favorite movie and your favorite social media personality.
Favorite Musician: That’s a tough one! But I’d have to say one of my favorite voices is Jhene Aiko and one of my favorite groups at the moment is Wallows.
Favorite Sports: Sports to play is have to say I’ve enjoyed Track and Field, and I love surfing as well. But if we’re talking sports to watch, I’d say Football.
Favorite Movie or TV Show: Friday is a classic, or any Star Wars Movie.