Black Mona Lisa: Brazil’s Projeto Identidade Re-imagines Classic Art And Modern Characters

As the latest addition to Amandla!’s Black Joy section, we present to you a piece from Projeto Identidade which Amandla! discovered over the weekend on Instagram. According to @projetoidentidadeoficial (translated by Amandla! using Google Translate), “”Projeto identidade” is a photographic exhibition featuring popular (originally white) icons represented by Black people. The project, designed by Noemia Oliveira (@nonoemia) and Orlando Caldeira (@orlandocaldeira) and photographed by Guilherme Silva (first edition), Faya (second edition) and director of the documentary Marcela Rodrigues.” The Black Mona Lisa was posted on Amandla!’s Instagram and touched people across the globe which is a testament to the importance of Ms. Oliveira’s and Mr. Caldeira’s insight in creating this ongoing art exhibition.  Other characters and persons who have been re-imagined include, among others: Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Charlie Chaplin and Spiderman and Mary Jane.

Other people responsible for this mesmerizing re-imagining of the Mona Lisa are:

Idealization and Curatorship: Noemia Oliveira (Instagram @nonoemia) and Orlando Caldeira (Instagram @orlandocaldeira)

Executive Production: Drayson Menezzes, Noemia Oliveira and Orlando Caldeira

Video: Marcela Rodrigues

Production Assistant: Drayson Menezzes

Photo: Faya

Photography Assistant: Luiz Brown

Creative Retouch: Raphael FS

3D: Felipe Eckhardt

Costume/Visual Design: Hebert C. Correia and Fabi Costa

Characterization/Makeup: Paula Cris

Makeup: Aline Oliveira

Hair: Luz Pereira.

Projeto Identidade further affirm that African descendants, no matter where we happened to land in the Diaspora, our talent and our perseverance shines through. Amandla! strongly urges everyone to expand themselves and check out this very important Instagram page, as yet another critical example of the interconnectedness of Black people around the world.