About Amandla!

Amandla! is a progressive, high quality forum for African-American/Black students to express themselves about our world through journalism, visual art and creative writing.  Amandla! was created in October 2019 by Dylan K. Little, a sophomore at Rancho Cucamonga High School, whose articles about the lack of language diversity in the “World Languages” program and the use of search dogs on campus were censored by his journalism teacher and school.  Dylan’s work was only published after repeated advocacy efforts on his behalf by his mother, who happens to be an attorney.  When neither his school nor district would guarantee that the type of censorship Dylan endured would not repeat itself, Amandla! was born.

Amandla! is an independent publication that will provide students with an intellectual project to showcase their talents.  No earnest student who wants to participate will be left behind at Amandla! so long as she or he commits to Amandla!’s progressive mission for critical thought and expression: whatabboutism, needless devil’s advocacy (he does that happily by and for himself), misogynoir, bullying or other trolling will not be permitted.  PERIODT.  Amandla! is not limited to students at Rancho Cucamonga High School and welcomes students from other schools across the world.  Really, the world!

Amandla! seeks reporters, creative writers, artists, photographers, columnists and reviewers.  Amandla! also encourages reader tips, article suggestions, letters to the editor and comments.   Please follow us on Instagram @amandlajournal or contact us at [email protected] for more details.





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About Amandla!