Dylan K. Little
Dylan K. Little is a sophomore at Rancho Cucamonga High School.  Last year he wrote for his high school campus newspaper, writing investigative pieces, features and sports articles.  In addition to serving as Editor-In-Chief of Amandla!, Dylan is also on the RCHS Track Team and is an Honors and AP Student.  He was on the Cross-Country Team last year, but has decided he could no longer endure such suffering this school year (sorry Coach Tierney!).  Dylan watches MSNBC, reads The Root almost exclusively and goes to the church of AMJoy every weekend.  He enjoys video games, the Lakers and the Clippers,  most sports and gaming things on YouTube (especially Markiplier, CalebCity, Jacksepticeye and Chris Smoove -- in that order, he said what he said!), all things San Diego Comic Com (the originator), Black Mirror, Curb Your Enthusiasm (sorry, but Larry is almost always rights in his capers), and hate-watching so-called classic television shows circa 1990's and earlier.  Dylan's dream Lakers starting lineup: Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid.  Again, he said what he said!

Dylan's inspirations, both modern and historical, include but are not limited to: Malcom X, The Squad (The Congressional Fab 4 not the DC version), Toni Morrison, Nina Simone, Joy Ann Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ava Duvernay, Colin Kaepernick, Dr. Jason Johnson, Charles Blow, Melissa Harris-Perry and Barack and Michelle Obama, of course.  Beth and Randall, from This is Us (Yes, the Black ones).  The Practice, the television show that was the most accurate representation of the law and has inspired him to fight for freedom and justice...Eugene!

Dylan can be reached at [email protected]  Please follow us on Instagram @amandlajournal.


Dylan K. Little, Editor-In-Chief

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Dylan K. Little